36 : Dole Whips, Casey's Corner, Fastpass, Epcot's 35th, and the first "Stump Glenn"

September 27, 2017

  • Recorded 9/27/17
  • Annual Passholder lines
    • Colors of the entrance turnstiles
    • Magic Bands
    • Tip from Chris: wear your Magic Band on your left arm and put your finger on the fingerprint reader at the same time you put your Magic Band up to the reader
  • Chris’ trip report - Magic Kingdom on 9/23
    • Dole Whip - online ordering troubles
      • Pineapple Dole Whip vs Pineapple/Vanilla Swirl
      • Pineapple rules!!! Survey
    • Interactive queue at Dumbo
    • Casey’s Corner
      • Disappointment in the value and seating for Casey’s Corner
      • Was originally called the “Refreshment Corner” until Spring, 1995
      • Piano Player - Jim Omohundro started on 11/27/83 - almost 34 years ago
  • Fastpass
    • Hello Internet podcast
    • They thought it was an express/VIP pass to get to the front of the line
    • Planning for FP+
  • Epcot’s 35th
    • Event
    • Merchandise
    • Illuminations - History of nighttime shows:
      • Carnival de Lumiere - 10/23/82 - 1983
      • A New World Fantasy - 1983 - 6/8/84
      • Laserphonic Fantasy - 6/9/84 - 1/29/88
      • IllumiNations - 1/30/88 - 9/20/96
      • IllumiNations 25 - 9/21/96 - 5/18/97
      • IllumiNations 98 - 2/1/98 - 9/21/99
      • IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth - 9/23/99 - Present
  • Stump Glenn
  • Book Club
  • Pick of the week

35 : Thurston Howell III goes through Irma and visits WDW

September 13, 2017


34 : The Kaleidoscope, Storyverse, Hyperia, Beyond, Cinemagic, Legends, XL, Cinemagine Episode!

August 30, 2017

  • Recorded 8/30/17
  • We’re old, but mentally young
  • Wanting to go to other Disney Parks around the world
  • California Adventure - old version vs new version
    • Superstar Limo
    • No weenie
  • Disneyland vs. WDW
  • Would like to visit other parks around the world
  • What one Disney movie would you save if they were all going to be erased?
  • Rename of Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party started on 8/25
    • Hocus Pocus merchandise is gone
  • Flamingo Crossings will finally be built out in 2018
  • Development behind the MK
  • Will the parks be crowded for Labor Day weekend?
  • Chris will do the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom next time he goes there and will report back
  • Picks of the week:
  • Hurricane Harvey help: Donate to the Red Cross

33 : Books about Walt Disney World and Glenn taking photos on his trip to WDW

August 17, 2017


32 : Glenn's Trip to WDW

August 01, 2017

  • All Star Music Resort
  • Went to WDW parks 7 days; KSC one day
  • KSC - Great attraction, made greater with the Atlantis exhibit
  • Became an Annual Passholder (again)
  • Tried some new things: mobile ordering for food, new bag check at MK, Pandora at AK and Na'vi River Journey, Frozen Ride, Be Our Guest
  • Experienced new attractions with kids: Rock n Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Expedition Everest, Jungle Cruise
  • Said goodbye to the Great Movie Ride and Universe of Energy
  • Disney Transportation
  • Disney Springs

31 : "I'm not Star Lord" - Disney D23 Expo Theme Park Announcement Review

July 19, 2017

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