20 : Photography in Tomorrowland

February 15, 2017


19 : I didn't think it would go that long

February 07, 2017

  • Recorded on 2/7/17
  • Follow Up
    • Number of photos at Disney needs to include the on-ride photos
    • Glenn’s trip report - Glenn picked up the moonshine jug for the Country Bear Jamboree from Pecos Bill’s Cafe
  • News
    • 1st Quarter Earnings call
      • Revenue down a bit
      • Attendance is down
      • Has Disney finally reached their limit on what they can charge for vacations?
      • We want Disney to be fighters instead of resting on their laurels
      • Side discussion: Hall of Presidents - should Trump speak or not?
      • No successor for Bob Iger; he’s open to staying on longer if needed
      • Iger is warning against a trade war with China, or it would damage Disney’s business; he’s also against the travel restrictions
      • Steve Jobs’ widow has sold off half of her shares and owns 4% of the company now
      • Star Wars lands in Disneyland and Disney World will open in 2019
      • Pandora will open on 5/27/17
    • Transportation: New tram tractors and trams will be repainted in monorail colors; buses get updated GPS; monorails are being updated to make them more automated
    • Starring Rolls Cafe closed on 2/5/17; nothing else announced for this location
    • Super Bowl LI halftime show used “twins” of the drones used at Disney Springs for Christmas
    • Port Orleans Riverside celebrated its 25th birthday on 2/2/17
    • Ultimate Disney Classics VIP Tour; $199 for a four hour tour to experience 10 rides plus admission cost
      • Contact us on Twitter at @tron_fm to let us know if you do this
    • Flower & Garden Festival entertainment list
    • Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando entertainment list
    • The Nerdist - Disney Animation Research Library
    • Bonus: Carousel of Progress trivia - The Father is played by Jean Sheapard, who is most famous and beloved for his role as the narrator in “A Christmas Story"
  • Chris Visits Disney Corner
    • Need intro music
    • Arrived in early afternoon
    • Fastpasses - Soarin’, Living with the Land, Spaceship Earth
    • Festival of the Arts
    • Soarin’
      • Ride mechanism (future blog post)
      • The new movie is CGI now - Chris’ opinion
      • Baby Swap
    • Ate at Sunshine Seasons
  • Charity Pick
  • Picks of the week

18 : Caliber of meatiness

January 31, 2017


17 : Aside from the Donkey Sauce...

January 24, 2017


16 : This is why we don't go early in the morning

January 10, 2017


15 : Listener questions and non sequitur episode

January 04, 2017

  • Recorded on 1/4/17
  • Listener questions
    • Question about Disney’s use of Eminent Domain
      • It might come into play regarding Crossroads Shopping Center as the plans for I-4 expansion are finalized
    • Has Disney run afoul of the Secret Service because of Disney Dollars?
      • Magic Bands can’t be used for purchases by Annual Passholders
      • What is the window for Fastpasses?
  • Charity pick
  • Rogue One discussion
  • Picks of the week
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