11 : Let's go to the Monorail's dining car

November 29, 2016

  • Recorded on 11/29/16
  • Follow Up
    • Glenn clarifies his stance on the Cabanas at the Magic Kingdom…kinda.
    • Christmas Drones at Disney Springs
  • Minecraft
  • NintendoLand at Universal Theme Parks
  • Charity Spot
  • Highway in the Sky Dine-Around
    • Glenn thinks it’s an OK idea; Chris doesn’t
    • Tangent into Disney using Food & Beverage revenue instead of building new attractions/experiences
    • Chris wants dinner on the monorail
  • Snacks at WDW
    • Dole Whip, Citrus Swirl
    • Popcorn
    • Coke and Frozen Cokes
    • Turkey Legs - Chris likes, Glenn doesn't
    • Handwiches - old school
    • Chicken and Waffles at Backlot Express at DHS with Darth Vader waffles
    • Podcast topic idea: Weird food at Disney in the past
    • Ice cream; specifically ice cream cookie sandwiches
  • Pick of the week
  • Aftershow
    • Positivity!

10 : Bananas for Cabanas

November 22, 2016

  • Recorded on 11/22/16
  • Thanksgiving week
  • Emoji Blitz Corner
    • Psych! (Well, about a minute of discussion)
    • Waiting for the Christmas emojis to be released
    • Glenn is playing Clash Royale again
    • Chris wants to get Glenn to play Tetris; Glenn will become obsessed with it if he starts playing it again
    • Future episodes: Retro video games and Walt Disney World Explorer
  • Chris’ visit to DHS and his review of Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! - AKA "Chris Visits Disney" Corner
    • Star Tours
      • First ride on ST for Chris’ son
    • Great Movie Ride
    • Star Wars Launch Bay
    • Stormtrooper march
    • Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!
      • Chris enjoyed it
      • Gives it about an 8.5 out of 10
      • Prep and Landing is great
    • Other Christmas offerings that Chris is going to try to attend
      • Drones at Disney Springs
      • Maybe other things, but probably not
    • Chris’ Disney Adventure is the best segment
  • Magic Bands 2
    • Disney is trying to save expenses by not having to permanently have the RFID chip in every band
    • Will they pass the savings along to the guest?
    • Can put the pebble in other items
    • The data that comes from the Magic Bands must be incredible
    • Magic Band technology hasn’t made it to Disneyland yet
    • Why can’t Magic Bands for AP’ers be used for charging?
  • Pandora - The World of AVATAR
    • Opening Summer 2017
    • Showed a clip of one of the AAs
    • Opinions:
      • Glenn couldn’t care less about Avatar; should have spent the money on original IP
      • Chris: theming is a waste of talent for the Imagineers; does not agree with using Avatar
    • Our opinions aside: the AA looks fantastic
    • It’s a shame that technology isn’t being used on something with Disney theming
  • Cabanas in the Magic Kingdom
    • Glenn thinks it’s a huge money grab by the Walt Disney Company
    • Chris plays Devil’s Advocate and makes a case for it…and makes good points
    • It’s mainly the presentation of the current test of the cabanas in Tomorrowland that’s bugging Glenn
    • If they were themed and out of the way, it wouldn’t be bad
  • Charity Pick
  • Epcot is the next park to be overhauled
    • Finally!
    • It could be really cool or really awful
    • More show material! Yay!
  • A new festival at Epcot
    • Festival of the Arts
    • Extending the number of festivals at Epcot
    • A scrappy little company trying to make their way in the world
  • Picks of the week

9 : Attack of the Disney Christmas Drones

November 15, 2016


8 : President Lincoln and his bag of holding

November 01, 2016

  • Recorded 11/1/16
  • An election is coming up
    • Chris is voting early tomorrow
    • Chris is taking a field trip to the Crayola Experience in the Florida Mall on Election Day
  • Hall of Presidents
    • History
      • ’64-’65 World’s Fair - Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln
      • Moved to Disneyland
      • When WDW was being designed, they didn’t want another New Orleans Square because of the proximity of NOLA to Orlando
      • Imagineers reviewed plans for Liberty Street from Disneyland and decided on Liberty Square
      • Created the Hall of Presidents for WDW
      • Starting with Bill Clinton, the sitting President gives a speech
      • With Barack Obama, the HoP was redone with the version that is there today
    • Opinions
      • Glenn has liked every version of the HoP
      • Chris hasn’t been in a while; he’s going to go before it changes
    • How much cooperation do they need from the President?
  • The Muppets Present… Great Moments in American History
    • The beauty of Liberty Square
    • It’s an underrated land
    • The Muppets are a good addition
    • We want to see it in person; we’ve watched a video of it and it looks fun
    • Little gems of WDW
  • Charity Pick
  • PizzeRizzo
    • Opens 11/18/16
    • Pizza Planet pizza was horrible
      • Not as good as Lombardi’s in New York; America’s First Pizzeria!
    • Looking forward to this opening
    • Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano
      • Glenn has never eaten there
      • Chris ate there with his friend Sean
      • Chris didn’t have a great meal there, although Sean really enjoys it
    • A little background on Sean - a future guest on the podcast
  • Construction at the Magic Kingdom for new security checkpoints
    • Report on WDWMagic
    • Security for each separate type of transportation to try to speed up getting through security
    • There’s a need for security, but anything that can help will be welcome
    • Chris gets picked every time to go through the metal detector
    • The security checkpoints should be blended in better
  • Rumors of Guardians of the Galaxy attraction
    • Rumors of GotG replacing Universe of Energy have been squashed
    • New rumor: GotG overlay at Tower of Terror in DHS
    • It doesn’t fit the theme of Hollywood and Sunset Blvd
    • Glenn thinks the GotG overlay is OK in DCA, but not DHS
    • However, if Glenn had to choose between it going in Epcot or DHS, Glenn picks DHS
  • Pick of the week

7 : Food and Whine Festival

October 25, 2016


6 : Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!

October 19, 2016

  • Recorded 10/19/16
  • Children are wonderful...but exhausting
  • The infamous Disney Emoji Blitz
    • Glenn and Chris are done with the game
    • It’s so frustrating
    • We’re so sorry we’re talking about this. It’s so embarrassing. This is it though. Well, at least until the special Christmas emojis are released...
  • New Christmas offering at Disney Hollywood Studio
    • Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam!
    • Glenn’s opinion: Good effort, but not a replacement for Osbourne Lights
    • Chris is looking forward to seeing it. It may be a new tradition for them.
    • Epcot should be the center of Disney’s Christmas effort. Decorate World Showcase with the Osbourne lights.
  • Annual Passes
    • Chris just renewed his. The “Disney Tax” in October
    • Should Glenn buy Annual Passes? There’s a special deal if you purchase before 1/3/17: get 13 months for the price of 12
    • Disney is turning the dials to try to increase attendance without diminishing the profit margin that they’ve been making
    • Parking is included, as is PhotoPass, and those are huge benefits
  • Maps of the Disney Parks book
    • Beautiful book
    • Chris’ unboxing of the book from Amazon
    • Covers all the theme parks
    • Glenn points out the two map posters he had on his wall when he was growing up
  • Charity spotlight
  • 2017 Disney Parks Poster Calendar
    • Glenn ordered his through the Shop Disney app
    • It’s a great calendar, and Glenn’s thrilled that they keep making them
  • Giveaway!!!
    • Glenn is giving away a 1979 Winter Disney News magazine
    • Send an email to show@tron.fm, or follow us on Twitter, or Facebook, or leave a review on iTunes
    • Deadline is midnight EDT on 10/31/16
  • Pick of the week
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